Dormez-vous Kicks off 248 Hour Sleep Challenge in Honour of Sleep Awareness Month

Dormez-vous is challenging Quebecers to get 8 hours of sleep each day this month to foster healthier sleep habits that fuel physical and mental wellbeing

MONTREAL, March 1, 2023 /CNW/ - Dormez-vous, Quebec's leading specialty sleep retailer is on a mission to help Quebecers build better sleep habits that supercharge their health and wellbeing. So, in celebration of Sleep Awareness Month this March, the company is launching the 248 Hour Sleep Challenge to encourage Quebecers to strive for 8 hours of better, higher quality sleep every day for 31 days.

As a continuous champion of World Sleep Day (March 17), Dormez-vous is helping to highlight the powerful and transformative impact sleep has on our health and wellbeing. Sleep is critical for people to function both mentally and physically, however most Canadians have trouble sleeping with 56% saying they wake up feeling tired and struggle to get a good night's sleep according to a recent Sleep Habits Study. The study also found that while over 90% of Canadians agree that sleep is important to their health, only 55% have taken active measures in the past year to prioritize their sleep.1

"As Quebec's leading sleep expert, we know that sleep is the fuel that powers our day and allows us to feel our best self," said Stewart Schaefer, President and CEO, Dormez-vous. "This March, we are proud to champion sleep all month long with the introduction of the 248 Hour Sleep Challenge as we rally Quebecers to join us in building healthy sleep habits through small, attainable steps to help foster a better night's sleep."

Small actions for a big impact: The 248 Hour Sleep Challenge sets out to inspire Quebecers to establish healthy sleep habits through small daily actions that help build better sleep routines. Building healthy sleep habits can be as simple as staying off devices 1-hour before going to bed, aiming to go to bed at the same time every day to create consistency, and establishing a calming bedtime routine such as reading or taking a warm bath to allow yourself to wind down from your day.

AR fun amidst the challenge: Quebecers can join the challenge by trying out Dormez-vous' augmented reality filter with healthy sleep habit prompts on Instagram. Users of the interactive AR filter can tag their friends and family to take small actions towards better sleep and spread the importance sleep has on our health and wellbeing in a fun way throughout Sleep Awareness Month.

As leaders in sleep for more than 28 years, Dormez-vous is committed to supporting Quebecers on their sleep wellness journey and helping to foster better sleep habits year-round. The company's Sleep Experts have the knowledge and training to help Quebecers find personalized sleep solutions to meet their individual sleep needs. In addition, Dormez-vous' All for Sleep mobile app provides evidence-based sleep solutions and tools to create personalized sleep programs with leading-edge support to help improve their sleep habits and wellbeing.

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1Sleep Habits Study commissioned by Northstar Research Partners for Sleep Country, 2022

About Dormez-vous

Dormez-vous is Quebec's leading specialty sleep retailer. As of March 1, 2023, Dormez-vous has 63 corporate-owned stores and 3 distribution centres in Quebec. Dormez-vous is a purpose-led organization dedicated to transforming lives by awakening Quebecers to the power of sleep, and is committed to building a company culture of inclusion and diversity where differences are embraced and valued. The Company meaningfully and positively supports its environment and the communities where it operates through its comprehensive mattress and foundation recycling program that keeps mattresses out of landfills, as well as its bed donation program that contributes mattresses and foundations to Quebec charities to help families and children in need get a good night's sleep. For more information about the Company visit

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